Versa C21 RGB Versa C21 RGB Versa C21 RGB Versa C21 RGB Versa C21 RGB Versa C21 RGB Versa C21 RGB

Versa C21 RGB

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Thermaltake Versa C21 RGB mid-tower chassis with one preinstalled 120mm fans and removable filters, supporting up to ATX MB.

Thermaltake Versa C21 RGB ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

The new Versa C21 RGB Mid-Tower chassis is perfectly designed for gamers to build a high-end but stylish gaming system. Featuring stunning RGB LED light, users can add a personal touch with 7 vibrant colors. Additionally, the Versa C21 RGB supports up to a standard ATX motherboard. Most importantly, the spacious interior design offers plenty of space for users to install the latest PC hardware, AIO and DIY liquid cooling solutions.
*Riing RGB Fan is Optional
*The product picture(s) is only for your reference, it may differ from the actual product.

Tt LCS Certified

Tt LCS Certified is a Thermaltake exclusive certification applied to only products that pass the design and hardcore enthusiasts standards that a true LCS chassis should be held to. The Tt LCS certification was created so that we at Thermaltake can designate to all power users which chassis have been tested to be best compatible with extreme liquid cooling configurations to ensure you get the best performance from the best features and fitment.

Gorgeous RGB LED Illumination

With 7 distinctively gorgeous illumination display colors, the Versa C21 RGB is an ideal chassis for those who want to show their style and personality in a subtle manner. The light is visible from all angles. Users can use the LED controller on the top panel to switch between four different lighting schemes, including 7 multicolored mode, breathing light mode, single color mode (red, green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow and white) and blink mode.

Fully Modular Concept

The fully modular drive cages minimize the hassles of installation and removal. Especially, the 3.5” & 2.5” drive bay is applied tool-less design that allows users to freely interchange the hard-drives to suit their particular needs. Moreover, the trio drive bay concept of “2+2+3” offers a good ratio for accessories and storage devices.

Handy I/O Ports

The top-front panel is designed a USB 3.0 data transfer port along with two standard USB 2.0 ports and a LED controller, to grand direct access when needed. The Versa C21 RGB is also equipped with two fan speed controllers on the top-front panel. Each fan speed controller can control up to two fans.

Superior Hardware Support

The Versa C21 RGB supports motherboards up to standard ATX, a tower CPU cooler with maximum height 160mm, and a dual expansion slot VGA of up to 390mm in length without front fan. Moreover, with the tool-free design, users can easily mount up to three 2.5”, two 3.5” and two 5.25” storage devices into the build at the same time.

Outstanding Ventilation

The Versa C21 RGB’s unparalleled cooling ability offers with various mounting points to support any type of cooling you can dream of including DIY/AIO liquid-cooling systems and air-cooling units. Users are allowed to install up to 360mm DIY liquid cooling radiator, 240mm AIO liquid cooler or two 120mm fans at the front; two 120mm on the top and a rear 120mm fan. In addition, all intake ventilation holes are specially designed with removable dust filters to keep the interior dust free.

Versa C21 RGB Radiator Supporting List

Radiator Compatibility List
(Thickness up to 30mm without fan)
  120mm 240mm 360mm

All-in-One Compatibility List
(Water 3.0 Series)
  120mm (Performer) 240mm (Extreme) 360mm (Ultimate)

Versa C21 RGB Fan Supporting List

Fan Compatibility List
  120mm 140mm
Front 2  
Top 2  
Rear 1  

Thermaltake Compatible Fan
  120mm 140mm
Pure Fan Series
Luna Fan Series
Riing Fan Series
More Information
P/N CA-1G8-00M1WN-00
Series Versa
Case Type Mid Tower
Dimension (H x W x D) 521 x 216 x 469mm
(20.5 x 8.5 x 18.4 inch)
Net Weight 6.8 kg / 15.1 lb
Side Panel Transparent Window
Color Exterior & Interior : Black
Material SPCC
Cooling System Rear (exhaust) :
120 x 120 x 25 mm fan (1000rpm, 16dBA)
Drive Bays
-Accessible :
2 x 5.25’’
-Hidden :
2 x 3.5’’ , 3 x 2.5" (With HDD tray)
Expansion Slots 7
Motherboards 6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX), 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), 12” x 9.6” (ATX)
LCS Upgradable -
I/O Port USB 3.0 x 1,USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1, LED Control, Fan Speed Control
PSU Standard PS2 PSU (optional)
Fan Support Front:
2 x 120mm
2 x 120mm
1 x 120mm
Radiator Support Front: 1 x 240mm
Top: 1 x 240mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm
Clearance CPU cooler height limitation: 160mm
VGA length limitation: 390mm (Without Front Fan)
PSU clearance limitation: 220mm


  • Эффектный внешний вид за счет прозрачного окна и RGB подсветки
  • Толщина стенок 0,7 мм
  • Наличие 2-х двухпозиционных регуляторов (каждый на 2 вентилятора)
  • Поддержка кулеров высотой до 160 мм
  • Поддержка установки видеокарт длиной до 390 мм
  • Поддержка установки системы жидкостного охлаждения
  • Возможность повышения эффективность охлаждения за счет установки дополнительных вентиляторов
  • Возможность управления RGB подсветкой
  • Тихий 120 мм вентилятор



User Manual

  • File Name
  • Description
  • Size
  • Version
  • Release Date
  • Manual
  • Multi-language
  • 12.4 MB
  • 2016-08-23

Drivers & Software

  • File Name
  • Description
  • Size
  • Version
  • Release Date
  • TT RGB PLUS Software
  • 1.Optimized RGB SYNC. (MSI motherboard)
    2.Update HAL.
    3.Minor bug fixes and system performance.
  • V 1.4.3
  • 2021-08-03
  • Thermaltake ARTT App IOS
  • -Build an Augmented Reality and furthermore understand our products.
    -ARTT provides an easier way to engage and interact with our produtcs.
    -Adds a new level of play-ability to consumers using Thermaltake products.
  • 2020-02-14
  • Thermaltake ARTT App Android
  • -Build an Augmented Reality and furthermore understand our products.
    -ARTT provides an easier way to engage and interact with our produtcs.
    -Adds a new level of play-ability to consumers using Thermaltake products.
  • 2020-02-14
  • TT RGB PLUS Software
  • 1.Added Ultra LCD new function: WINDOW CAPTURE.
    2.Added new product SWAFAN RGB Radiator Fan.
    3.Added new product Pacific Core P6 DP-D5 Plus.
    4.Added new product Pacific Core P8 DP-D5 Plus.
    5.Optimized some product performances in TT SYNC.
    6.Optimized the Ultra LCD monitor.
    7.Optimized UI present.
    8.Update DRAM HAL & HWiNFO kit.
    9.Minor bug fixes and system performance.
  • V2.0.8
  • 2022-07-27