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  1. The ARGENT DS 100 Desk Cooler is an exclusively designed desk cooler that helps reduce hand sweat during gaming sessions and features 12 ARGB LEDs that can be switched among eight lighting effect settings, matching up with the entire ARGENT series.
  2. Built-in 140mm ultra quiet fan notebook cooler with ergonomic design, supporting up to 15” gaming notebooks.
  3. Built-in 200mm fan gaming notebook cooler with a 256 colors RGB LED strip and five lighting modes, supporting up to 19” gaming notebooks.
  4. Large silent 200mm fan notebook cooler with aluminum surface, supporting up to 17” gaming notebooks
  5. Dual 120mm fans notebook cooler with handle, supporting up to 17” gaming notebooks.

  6. Built-in 120mm silent fan notebook cooler with USB cable management, supporting up to 16” gaming notebooks.
  7. 140mm silent fan notebook cooler for best cooling performance.

  8. - Integrated dual speaker system
    - Dual 50mm fans
    - Ergonomic design with multiple height settings
    - Distinctive and compact design, easy to carry

  9. Effective cooling performance notebook cooler
  10. - Supports laptop up to 17”
    - Adjustable temperature sensor
    - Dual 120mm temperature regulated fans
    - Multi-function display/control panel

  11. Massive SP is ideally designed to enrich your laptop media experience.

  12. Massive 14² Laptop cooling pad, built with two 14cm LED fan at the bottom enables laptop cooling capacity pushed to extreme.

  13. Supports laptop size from 10” ~ 17”

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